All VHS and camcorder tapes use magnetic tape to record an analog signal. Magnetic tape is comprised of an acetate base coated with a polymer binder. The binder contains the magnetic particles that store the video information. During playback the binder layer comes into direct contact with the heads of the playback device and is responsible for signal quality. However over time the binder layer of magnetic tapes begin to suffer chemical degradation, resulting in severe image distortion and permanent information loss.

Videotapes deteriorate faster than any other storage medium. Videotapes are not suitable for long-term storage of data. According to industry experts magnetic media can deteriorate to an unplayable condition in as little as three years. Video tapes have a shorter shelf life than almost any other medium.

Luckily, you can convert your video tape to digital format and stop the natural deterioration. Unlike magnetic analog tape, digital files do not degrade over time. At Icehouse Pictures we specialize in preserving your memories digitally on DVD. Transferring your video tapes to digital is a permanent way to preserve and protect your memories for future generations. The sooner you transfer your videos to DVD the better chance you have of preserving them.

Preserving your home movies is a critical task, because no one wants to lose their irreplaceable memories of loved ones. At Icehouse Pictures we have understand the importance of preserving your irreplaceable memories. We have helped thousands of families transfer their videotapes to digital format. There is no time like the present to protect the past, contact Icehouse Pictures today!