How do I convert video to digital?

We all have a boxful of memories recorded on videotape gathering dust in the basement. If your looking to fast-forward to the 21st century then this article is great place to start.

Analog devices have taken a back seat and the technological world has gone digital. Once your videos are digitized, you’ll be able to view, share, and edit that old footage with ease. If you want to keep your videotapes safe from the ravage of time, here’s how to preserve those memories forever.

Transferring VHS tapes to a computer requires expensive equipment. Firstly, you need to invest in a high-quality VCR to play your videotapes. The price of these units have drastically increased over the years. Avoid any used VCR’s on ebay under $100. The cheap price will become extremely apparent when trying to capture quality footage. The result will be muddy, dark colors with less detail. It’s best to pay the extra money and purchase a professional-grade VCR.

Next you will need a analog-to-digital converter. A handy device that connects your VCR to your computer via USB. It converts the analog signal from your VCR into digital data.

The most critical and costly investment is a time-base-corrector. A time-base-corrector is a device that corrects the video signal and image quality of the video tapes. A high-quality TBC will reduce on-screen image jitter and and provide a steady signal that prevents dropped video frames.

Finally you will need to invest in some decent capture software. The converter will make it so your computer can recognize the analog signals, capture software will allow you to capture them into digital video files. Once everything is installed, you’re ready to go.

The DIY method might sound good in theory however it is likely going take longer and be more expensive for you to convert your VHS tapes to digital on your own. By leaving your video digitizing to an experienced service provider like Icehouse Pictures, you can be sure that highest-quality conversion equipment and software is used. Contact us today for more information on video to digital.