Not sure what's on your films or videotapes? Rent one of our film projectors or VCR's.

For many of us we no longer have a way to view our old 8mm films or VHS videotapes. So before you commit to have your films and videotapes transferred to a digital format, rent one of our 8mm film projectors or VCR's to ensure that all of your old home movies are actually worth having converted. All our film and video equipment rentals are reasonably priced and meticulously maintained by an expert service technician.

VHS Tape and 8mm Film Reel Equipment Rentals

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VCR Rental

VCR Rentals

We exclusively use Panasonic 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR's for our video rental units because they provide extremely accurate image quality and ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance. Rental fee includes remote control, composite cables and RCA to HDMI adapter. We will provide training on installation and operation.


8mm Film Projector Rental

8mm/Super 8mm Film Projector Rental

Bell & Howell projectors are known for their outstanding projection quality and durability, which makes this brand our preferred choice for all our projector rental equipment. The dual 8 model we provide has the ability to play both Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film and can accommodate up to a 400 foot roll of film. Sound projectors are also available. All units are cleaned and serviced before and after every use. Rental fee includes original operating manual, Super 8 film adapter and spare projection bulb. We will provide training on operating the equipment.