Not all video conversion companies were born equal. Many local and internet companies will claim they produce high-quality video conversions using state-of-the-art equipment. However they don’t actually disclose what type of equipment they use. Which means they are likely using cheap low-grade equipment.

At Icehouse Pictures we have nothing to hide, we use JVC HR-S9000 Series Prosumer Decks for all our video conversions. JVC’s high-end 9000 Series decks are the best in the industry. They feature video stabilization and noise reduction. We also use a time-base corrector which eliminates picture jitter and wavy distortions. Time Base Correction reduces playback errors in analog recordings. Above all, it clarifies the video signal and provides superb picture quality.

A quality video conversion requires quality equipment controlled by experienced technicians. That just isn’t something your going to find at a retail chain store that outsources their work.

Unlike our competitors who quickly produce video conversions in mass quantities for the lowest price possible, our focus is on quality not quantity. Icehouse Pictures in Plymouth, Massachusetts has decades of experience converting home movies captured on older formats such as VHS , VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini-DV into digitally remastered versions. If you would like more information on a video conversion please contact us.