Assortment of 8mm Film Reels for Film Transfer


A digital film transfer is a simple way to ensure that your treasured family memories are preserved for generations to come. However most people don’t realize how important it is to preserve their aging film. Their irreplaceable films wind up in a cardboard box tucked away in a dark corner of their attic or basement. As a result, the fluctuating temperatures cause the acetate film to degrade prematurely. Over time improperly stored film can develop acetate film base degradation, commonly known as Vinegar Syndrome. This type of decay affects the cellulose acetate of the film. Gradually bacteria forms on the film which generates an acetic acid. The acid slowly destroys the acetate of the film and produces a strong vinegar odor.

A strong pungent vinegar odor is a clear indication that the chemicals in the film have started to break down. Shrinking and curling of the film are typically early warning signs of the presence of decay. Above all, the effects of this condition are irreversible and the deterioration will continue to progress to a point where the film becomes completely unwatchable.

If your film has a strong vinegar odor, the deterioration process has already begun. Once it has started you have a limited time to transfer your film to a more permanent medium. At Icehouse Pictures we can save your precious films from ruin by providing a professional digital film transfer. Don’t wait, contact us now!