Home Move Conversion to DVD


A home movie conversion to DVD transforms your older film and video onto a modern digital format that can be easily viewed using today’s technology. It extends the life of your home movies and allows you to share the footage with your family and friends.

A DVD is simply one of the best digital media formats you will find to preserve your past. The average life-span of a DVD is 50 years. Most people have their movies transferred once in their lifetime so it’s important to use the highest-grade media. That is why we use high-quality archival discs to ensure that your home movies will be preserved for years to come. Additionally, each conversion to DVD includes a fully personalized DVD cover. A custom interactive DVD menu complete with images and music. Along with a personalized chapter markers that allow you to easily navigate from one clip to the next.

We use the highest quality video and film conversion equipment in the world. Locally owned and operated with more over two decades of conversion experience. Our many years of experience results in the best possible conversion. We take great pride in providing quality service and exceptional customer care. For more information on a conversion to DVD please visit us today.

Video Conversion of Hi8 Videotapes


Not all video conversion companies were born equal. Many local and internet companies will claim they produce high-quality video conversions using state-of-the-art equipment. However they don’t actually disclose what type of equipment they use. Which means they are likely using cheap low-grade equipment.

At Icehouse Pictures we have nothing to hide, we use JVC HR-S9000 Series Prosumer Decks for all our video conversions. JVC’s high-end 9000 Series decks are the best in the industry. They feature video stabilization and noise reduction. We also use a time-base corrector which eliminates picture jitter and wavy distortions. Time Base Correction reduces playback errors in analog recordings. Above all, it clarifies the video signal and provides superb picture quality.

A quality video conversion requires quality equipment controlled by experienced technicians. That just isn’t something your going to find at a retail chain store that outsources their work.

Unlike our competitors who quickly produce video conversions in mass quantities for the lowest price possible, our focus is on quality not quantity. Icehouse Pictures in Plymouth, Massachusetts has decades of experience converting home movies captured on older formats such as VHS , VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini-DV into digitally remastered versions. If you would like more information on a video conversion please contact us.

Internal Components of Video Convert


To preserve your analog VHS tapes you will need to transfer the movies to digital format, where the quality won’t degrade. The process to digitize analog video involves the use of a digital video converter. A device that accepts the analog signal into the encoding hardware to convert the video into a digital format.

So how do you choose a reputable video conversion service? There are literally thousands of online and local companies that offer video conversions? Before you hire a company to transfer your videos your decision should be based upon three factors: the equipment they use, their experience and whether or not they outsource their work.

Some video transfer companies send your videotapes to other locations to have the transfer completed. Some will even send your videos overseas. As a result, inexperienced employees use outdated equipment to transfer your videos. Low prices means low-quality.

All our work is done on premises so your memories are safe and never leave our studio. We have decades of experience converting video to digital format using broadcast-quality video decks. We convert home movies captured on older formats such as VHS , VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini-DV to digital. For more information on a video converter please contact us today!

Securing Video to DVD


If you’re like most people, you probably have a number of old videotapes lying around your home. Unfortunately those analog tapes won’t last forever. Much like the memories contained on them, they will eventually fade away. With help from us, you can  transfer all your old home video to DVD and save your aging media from extinction.

All VHS and camcorder tapes use magnetic tape to record an analog signal. Magnetic tape consists of a magnetic pigment within a binder. Magnetic particles within the pigment store all the video information. Over time the binder loses its integrity and begins to degrade. Resulting in severe image distortion and permanent information loss.

Studies have shown that VHS and video tape quality can deteriorate to an unplayable condition in as little as ten years even under ideal conditions. Furthermore, quality is lost each and every time your video tape is played.

Those analog tapes you have laying around at home won’t last forever! Now is the time to have a video to DVD conversion stop the degradation process. Unlike magnetic tape, digital files do not degrade over time. At Icehouse Pictures we specialize in preserving your memories digitally on DVD. A DVD is a permanent way to guarantee a future for those irreplaceable memories. The sooner you transfer your video to DVD the better chance you have of preserving them. Contact us today!

Video to Digital Editing Keyboard


How do I convert video to digital?

We all have a boxful of memories recorded on videotape gathering dust in the basement. If your looking to fast-forward to the 21st century then this article is great place to start.

Analog devices have taken a back seat and the technological world has gone digital. Once your videos are digitized, you’ll be able to view, share, and edit that old footage with ease. If you want to keep your videotapes safe from the ravage of time, here’s how to preserve those memories forever.

Transferring VHS tapes to a computer requires expensive equipment. Firstly, you need to invest in a high-quality VCR to play your videotapes. The price of these units have drastically increased over the years. Avoid any used VCR’s on ebay under $100. The cheap price will become extremely apparent when trying to capture quality footage. The result will be muddy, dark colors with less detail. It’s best to pay the extra money and purchase a professional-grade VCR.

Next you will need a analog-to-digital converter. A handy device that connects your VCR to your computer via USB. It converts the analog signal from your VCR into digital data.

The most critical and costly investment is a time-base-corrector. A time-base-corrector is a device that corrects the video signal and image quality of the video tapes. A high-quality TBC will reduce on-screen image jitter and and provide a steady signal that prevents dropped video frames.

Finally you will need to invest in some decent capture software. The converter will make it so your computer can recognize the analog signals, capture software will allow you to capture them into digital video files. Once everything is installed, you’re ready to go.

The DIY method might sound good in theory however it is likely going take longer and be more expensive for you to convert your VHS tapes to digital on your own. By leaving your video digitizing to an experienced service provider like Icehouse Pictures, you can be sure that highest-quality conversion equipment and software is used. Contact us today for more information on video to digital.

Video Transfer From VCR Tapes


Evolving technology has left many of us with videos in older formats. Consumer-level analog video recording on magnetic tape cassettes were the standard during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. However those analog VHS and camcorder tapes degrade over time. All magnetic video tapes have a very limited lifespan. Research suggests that analog video recording will not survive beyond 15 to 20 years. A video transfer is the only way to ensure your memories will be preserved indefinitely.

Preserving family videos is an important task, because no one wants to lose the precious memories of their loved ones. Therefore it is important to transfer your tapes to digital right away to preserve as much video quality as possible. Don’t risk losing your videos, transfer them to a more stable and longer-lasting storage medium.

At Icehouse Pictures we provide the highest quality digital video transfers. We use professional broadcast video equipment with time-base correction. Which helps eliminate picture jitter and ensure a stable image. We also perform digital color correction using professional editing software. During the editing process we will delete any unwatchable and blank video footage.

A video transfer is the perfect way to give new life to your old home movies. No matter what video format you have, we can convert it to digital. At Icehouse Pictures we do a wide range of work from amateur film and video tape to government archives. We are Massachusetts Premier Video Transfer Service. Contact us today for a free estimate!

VHS Videotapes


A VHS tape is a consumer-grade analog recording videotape developed in 1976 by the Victor Company in Japan. VHS originally stood for Vertical Helical Scan. It referred to the tape recording method used which employs a spinning read/write head and diagonal tracks. A video cassette consists of a plastic shell containing 1/2 inch wide magnetic tape used to record images and sounds. The tape has a horizontal resolution of 240 lines and can hold up to six hours of material, depending on the recording mode.

During the 1980s VHS tape dominated the video market and became the leading consumer format for home movies. Video camcorders turned countless users into videographers instantly by allowing them to capture special events they could view with a VCR.

Over the years consumers have amassed vast collections of home movies captured on VHS. However the magnetic tape in VHS cassettes deteriorate. As time passes, videotapes lose their magnetic signal. As a result, the sharpness, quality and color deteriorate. The only way to stop the degradation process is to have your videotapes digitized. Digital content provides exceptional durability and never degrades over time. Above all, you’ll be able to view, share, and edit that old footage with ease.

Icehouse Pictures in Plymouth, Massachusetts makes it easy for you to protect and share your family history. We convert home movies captured on VHS into digitally remastered versions on DVD or thumb drive. Contact us for more information on VHS.