Antique 8mm Movie Film Camera


The advent of 8mm film marked the beginning of amateur home movie making as we know it. Less then a decade after it brought 16mm film to market, the Eastman Kodak Company introduced 8mm film in 1932. To address the impending concerns of cost during the Great Depression they modified their existing 16mm film stock to produce a more affordable and user-friendly alternative. 

8mm film was initially sold in 25 ft. spools of 16mm wide film and had twice as many perforation on its edges then its predecessor. The film passed through the camera and exposed one half of the film’s width. The film was then subsequently flipped and exposed on the other side. When the film was processed, the 25 ft. of film was spilt down the middle. The two length of film were then spliced together and yielded 50 feet of projectable film. This type of film is commonly referred to as double-8 film.

The smaller gauge 8mm film format allowed consumers more filming time at an affordable price. Making amateur filmmaking more accessible to generations of everyday Americans. For the first time it allowed families the ability to record important moments in their life. 8mm film became the standard format for the home film market and proved to be a commercial success in the decades that followed. 

If you still have a collection of old film that contains important family memories, you should consider an 8mm film to digital conversion before the footage deteriorates. With every passing moment they sit in storage, they’re slowly fading away. Icehouse Pictures is Massachusetts leading film conversion service with decades of experience. By transferring your home movies to digital you can ensure that your memories will last a lifetime.

8mm Film Conversion from Film Projector


If you find yourself in a position of needing to convert 8mm film to digital files which can be indefinitely stored, edited and shared… then a film conversion is for you. A film conversion is the process of transforming analog film to a digital format. Converting film to digital format allows more flexibility during post-production. Hence, having more flexibility in turn means greater control over image quality.

At Icehouse Pictures we use an industry-standard color correction system to calibrate color levels. We manually go through every scene and adjust the color, saturation, brightness and contrast to ensure the best looking picture. In addition to color correction we also use a frame-by-frame motion picture film scanner that scans each individual film frame in full 24-bit color. We use the same exact equipment used by the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood.

The experts at Icehouse Pictures have years of experience in converting film to digital. We do a wide range of work from amateur home movies to film preservation for the Library of Congress. We can restore, digitize and convert your old 8mm and Super 8 film to DVD or thumb drive. Please contact us to discuss your film conversion project with a film conversion specialist!

Home Move Conversion to DVD


A home movie conversion to DVD transforms your older film and video onto a modern digital format that can be easily viewed using today’s technology. It extends the life of your home movies and allows you to share the footage with your family and friends.

A DVD is simply one of the best digital media formats you will find to preserve your past. The average life-span of a DVD is 50 years. Most people have their movies transferred once in their lifetime so it’s important to use the highest-grade media. That is why we use high-quality archival discs to ensure that your home movies will be preserved for years to come. Additionally, each conversion to DVD includes a fully personalized DVD cover. A custom interactive DVD menu complete with images and music. Along with a personalized chapter markers that allow you to easily navigate from one clip to the next.

We use the highest quality video and film conversion equipment in the world. Locally owned and operated with more over two decades of conversion experience. Our many years of experience results in the best possible conversion. We take great pride in providing quality service and exceptional customer care. For more information on a conversion to DVD please visit us today.