To provide you with the highest quality film to dvd transfer we use a high-definition motion picture film scanner. Our scanner meticulously captures each individual frame of film. A process that ensures that the original data for each individual film frame remains intact. We also perform scene by scene color correction by adjusting the color, density and exposure of the film. 

Our film scanner can also handle damaged or shrunken film through the use of its roller based transport system. The rollers handle the film by the edges not the sprocket holes for maximum film safety. A solid state registration ensures a rock-steady picture accurate within one pixel and an enlarged film gate captures the entire film frame so you will see 20% more of the original image. Providing you with a more accurate representation of what was originally recorded.

We will convert your old reel to reel film using the same trusted process used by the Academy of Motion Pictures in Hollywood. You’ll get true frame-by-frame scanning with color correction at an affordable price. If you looking for the ultimate high-resolution film to dvd transfer service then give us a call today at 508-317-5404.