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By Icehouse Pictures | Jun 1, 2017
Video Conversion of Hi8 Videotapes

Not all video conversion companies were born equal. Many local and internet companies will claim they produce high-quality video conversions using state-of-the-art equipment. However they don’t actually disclose what type of equipment they use. Which means they are likely using cheap low-grade equipment. At Icehouse Pictures we have nothing to hide, we use JVC HR-S9000 … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Feb 1, 2017
Internal Components of Video Convert

To preserve your analog VHS tapes you will need to transfer the movies to digital format, where the quality won’t degrade. The process to digitize analog video involves the use of a digital video converter. A device that accepts the analog signal into the encoding hardware to convert the video into a digital format. So … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Oct 1, 2016
Securing Video to DVD

If you’re like most people, you probably have a number of old videotapes lying around your home. Unfortunately those analog tapes won’t last forever. Much like the memories contained on them, they will eventually fade away. With help from us, you can  transfer all your old home video to DVD and save your aging media … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Jun 1, 2016
Video to Digital Editing Keyboard

How do I convert video to digital? We all have a boxful of memories recorded on videotape gathering dust in the basement. If your looking to fast-forward to the 21st century then this article is great place to start. Analog devices have taken a back seat and the technological world has gone digital. Once your … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Feb 1, 2016
Video Transfer From VCR Tapes

Evolving technology has left many of us with videos in older formats. Consumer-level analog video recording on magnetic tape cassettes were the standard during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. However those analog VHS and camcorder tapes degrade over time. All magnetic video tapes have a very limited lifespan. Research suggests that analog video recording will … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Oct 1, 2015
Curled Home Movie Film

To provide you with the highest quality film to dvd transfer we use a high-definition motion picture film scanner. Our scanner meticulously captures each individual frame of film. A process that ensures that the original data for each individual film frame remains intact. We also perform scene by scene color correction by adjusting the color, … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Jun 1, 2015
VHS Videotapes

A VHS tape is a consumer-grade analog recording videotape developed in 1976 by the Victor Company in Japan. VHS originally stood for Vertical Helical Scan. It referred to the tape recording method used which employs a spinning read/write head and diagonal tracks. A video cassette consists of a plastic shell containing 1/2 inch wide magnetic … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Feb 1, 2015
DVD from Video

A video to DVD transfer is a great way to preserve and protect your videotapes. Transferring to DVD will allow you to safeguard the content on the tape before it degrades. At Icehouse Pictures we specialize in preserving your memories digitally on DVD. We use only professional grade video decks with time-base-correction to ensure you … Read more