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By Icehouse Pictures | Aug 1, 2020
Antique 8mm Movie Film Camera

The advent of 8mm film marked the beginning of amateur home movie making as we know it. Less then a decade after it brought 16mm film to market, the Eastman Kodak Company introduced 8mm film in 1932. To address the impending concerns of cost during the Great Depression they modified their existing 16mm film stock … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Jun 1, 2020
Three Camcorder Video Tapes

All VHS and camcorder tapes use magnetic tape to record an analog signal. Magnetic tape is comprised of an acetate base coated with a polymer binder. The binder contains the magnetic particles that store the video information. During playback the binder layer comes into direct contact with the heads of the playback device and is … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Feb 1, 2020
Films to Video from 8mm Film Camera

When comparing films to video conversion services, always ask what type of film transfer equipment they use. Some companies still use a low-quality realtime film transfer. They project the film onto a condenser lens and capture the footage in real time using a low-resolution video camera. However the frame rate of film is different then … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Oct 1, 2019
Film Conversion from 8mm Movie Camera

Home movies represent a slice of everyday life and play a significant role in our family history. Memories captured on film reels and videotape documented the earliest and most significant moments in our lives. They created invaluable viewing footage for families that could be passed down for generations as heirlooms. However these precious home movies … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Jun 1, 2019
Video Conversion to DVD

Everyone has a collection of VHS tapes chronicling family vacations, birthdays, weddings, graduations and holidays. VHS was the primary format for home media entertainment for over a decade. By the mid 1990s, 84 percent of U.S. households owned at least one VCR. The VHS tape was the gold standard for recording home movies. In 1996 … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Feb 1, 2019
Assortment of 8mm Film Reels for Film Transfer

A digital film transfer is a simple way to ensure that your treasured family memories are preserved for generations to come. However most people don’t realize how important it is to preserve their aging film. Their irreplaceable films wind up in a cardboard box tucked away in a dark corner of their attic or basement. … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Oct 1, 2018
Video Duplication from VHS Camcorder

Video duplication is not only a great way to organize all your home movies but it also prevents further deterioration. You can take comfort in knowing that your preserving your family history for future generations. However there are a growing number of companies offering video duplication services. Finding a reputable company to preserve your irreplaceable … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Jun 1, 2018
8mm Film Conversion from Film Projector

If you find yourself in a position of needing to convert 8mm film to digital files which can be indefinitely stored, edited and shared… then a film conversion is for you. A film conversion is the process of transforming analog film to a digital format. Converting film to digital format allows more flexibility during post-production. … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Feb 1, 2018
Home Move Conversion to DVD

A home movie conversion to DVD transforms your older film and video onto a modern digital format that can be easily viewed using today’s technology. It extends the life of your home movies and allows you to share the footage with your family and friends. A DVD is simply one of the best digital media … Read more


By Icehouse Pictures | Oct 1, 2017
Movie Transfer from Camera

The cost of a home movie transfer to digital varies greatly from one company to the next. However there is a significant difference in the level of quality between them. Unfortunately most home movie transfer services don’t reveal much about their equipment or transfer method. Which makes it difficult to know what you’re actually getting. … Read more